Hello I’m Ruby

Just arrived back from foreign shores after enjoy the Northern Hemisphere summer!!

Wow what an excellent holiday. I loved the hiking, swimming, reading and relaxing and now I’m back in Australia to enjoy the summer here and spend time with you lovely people.

I am a mature woman in my 40’s, tall, slender with curves in all the right places. I have long legs and D cup breasts with shoulder length dark hair and have often been described as a “sexy librarian” or “sexy nurse”. I was a nurse for a long time and wear glasses so I think that helps to fit the bill. I am often seen as the fantasy teacher or work colleague that you could never quite get the courage to ask out, well now is your chance.

My service is individually tailored to you and the experience that you are looking for, so please don’t be afraid to ask. As a nurse I am very adept at ensuring that your needs are taken care of – its one of the things I love to do and I do it very well. Maybe you need to relax and unwind with a slow and sensual encounter including skin to skin contact, perhaps a tantra session or your preference is to unleash the erotic animal inside – whatever your poison, I am your tonic. Dinner or a show followed by some very special care, this is definitely part of what the doctor ordered and I will happily provide the treatment required.

Spending time with women and couples is one of my favourite ways to spend an hour or two. I offer tantric sessions to all of my clients but love to share this beautiful art form with couples especially. It is a wonderful way for couples to explore a deeper side of their relationship without the feeling associated with breaking relationship bonds. For single women and couples I have a male partner that I bring to the session. This allows for the masculine feminine balance to be provided which is very important in tantra.

There is no sex in this practice – it is about focusing on the subtleties of touch and building the sexual energy that is present in all of us. And then you as a couple are able to explore the desire built together after we leave. If you are interested in finding out more please contact me and we can discuss the menu of delights available to you. I look forward to creating some sexy, fun, erotic memories together.

So a bit about me:

I could answer here that I love sex, meeting new people and spending time eating in fancy restaurants discussing topics of deep conversation over a very very dirty martini (I do love these very much)!!

I Do LOVE those things, but I’m guessing you want to know a bit more about me and why you might like to meet me.

I am a true nomad, following the summer sun and only stay in Australia for the warmer months. I love to travel. I am about to embark on another adventure overseas in June – more sun, camping, hiking and outdoors. Going into the Wild, me and the tent and I am so excited.

My travels allow me to explore more of myself, to disconnect and feel back into who I am as woman. It is an incredible opportunity each and every time. Whether I am camping and hiking in the UK or the Americas,  following elephants and lions in Africa or deepening my spiritual connections in India – it all adds to the the person that you meet when you walk through my door.

I am also a geek at heart – I love to learn. Business and how it works fascinates me, especially in the current climate of AI and advances in the computers. What careers will still exist in 10 years time and how we should be spending our time will be an interesting thing to be a part of and watch. Interesting times ahead for us humans.

My latest passion is living a minimalist lifestyle – letting go of the need for things has been one of the most freeing experiences in my life to date. Having less also means it is so simple for me to pack up and go each time I tour or travel. Its a wonderful thing.

So as you can see I am not your run of the mill woman, but which one of us is? There is so much more to us than what you see in our photo’s – I guess its up to you to choose, spend some time with, and see what is underneath. And not every woman wants you to know what is underneath, and there in lies the mystery of us beautiful creatures called women.

Contact me now by texting 0410 760 398 or by emailing ruby.wild@outlook.com, make a time to catch up and ask me for one of my special secret photos. I cant wait to show you what you are missing out on!