About Last Night…

Let me set the scene for you.

The lights were low, the candles were flickering, casting an amber hue over the red velvet curtains and across the floor. 
The soft fur rug had been spread out and scatter cushions placed for comfort.
An antipasto platter lay to the side with two glasses of sparkling water and a scotch on the rocks for my friend (just as he likes it). 
Tonight Tony was visiting my city and his arrival was imminent.
I also had some Wildfire warming and cooling arousal oils for us to try along with a few toys that he preferred. I was ready.

And he arrived right on time.
My hotel had an amazing view which we admired whilst sharing our drinks and nibbles. Tony isn’t from my city so I shared a few of the land marks that we could see at night with the beautiful lights of the city. The food was amazing, the view was too and the ambience of the room added to an all round feeling of cosiness. 
I like to spend time with my clients. I am not a rush girl. For me it is about getting to know people, and developing a relationship. People want to see me for all kinds of reasons but longer bookings where you can take your time, chat and enjoy each others company help me to relax and explore more of myself and the person that I am with.  
The view of the city behind us, the flickering candles and the comfort of having spent time together before had an aphrodisiac affect on Tony and we moved quite quickly from the nibbles and drinks to the play area. I showed Tony the Wildfire oils that I thought we could try out. He liked the smell of them, thought the pink for heat and blue for cool was a good idea but also said they should have raised images on them as most people tend to use products in the dark and turning lights on ruins the experience. 
BDSM is not for everyone. Some people associate it with pain and torture, but its the balance, Riding the edge of pain/pleasure is so stimulating for people, having someone else take charge for a while and letting go, that’s what its all about. Many of my clients have highly stressful careers where they make decisions all day so seeing someone like me, that they trust to take care of them and being able to let go for a while is like therapy…Dont knock it until you try it. 
Tony’s proclivities in the bdsm arena are fairly common, he likes to be spanked, held down, forced to do things and made to wait until he is allowed to proceed.  We have been doing this dance with each other for a while so it was easy to slip into our roles. I was already in my secretary outfit (another of this little kinks) and Tony changed into his harnessed outfit. Once the ball gag and blindfold was in place he then lay across the chair and I commenced spanking him with my hand. 6 spanks – 3 each cheeks and then he likes to be caressed and told he is a good person. This is how it goes for about half an hour, changing up from hands to paddle, to crop and then cane. And in between caressing him and encouraging him to relax and let go. 
And so in the caressing phase I tried out the cooling and heating oils. The warming arousal oil was applied to the nipples under the nipple clamps and also his balls and the cool oil to the head of the penis. Tony commented that the heat didn’t really do much for his balls but made the nipple pain even more intense which he liked but he loved the cooling arousal oil the most. This was the first session that Tony had to remove the nipple clamps (he usually wears them the whole time) as the combination of the heat and clamps was too much, in an excellent way. And this lead to him being incredibly aroused and almost unable to contain himself when I forbid his release. 
After the session ended we discussed the use of the oils in the play. Tony loved the cooling oil as it kept the play lasting longer and longer. The heat increased things to ” next level” on the nipples and made it hard for him to control himself and he felt that took a bit away from it for him, but would be a test and measure for future catch ups.  
Oils well that ends well.