How did that term even start – Mature women. For advertising purposes I think it infers that we are older and thus more mature. Like old cheese perhaps!!
The dictionary meaning of maturity is behaving mentally and emotionally like an adult. And some days I definitely don’t, in fact I hate adulting most of the time.

Lots of people ask me how i started in the escort industry. For those of you that know me I was a nurse before I began this work. I started nursing in my twenties in general surgical wards, emergency departments, cardiac catheter labs and ICU and then went back for some more study and became a midwife. More emergency department work – now it was just for mum’s and babies instead. The hospital I worked at was a tertiary referral hospital – in that it was the place that problem cases were referred to and so we didn’t get many ladies just popping in to have a baby in the normal sense of the word. It was wonderful – amazing days filled with crying women, hormones and crying babies. No truly I really loved my job but I got burned out; tired of not being able to give my patients the care I thought they needed and deserved, and so I left after 12 years.

And this is what lead to working in the escort industry. I did a massage course, had been learning and practicing tantra when I was nursing and met some girls who worked in the industry at a Quodoshka course. We got talking, and they suggested that if I liked massage and tantra perhaps I should try RnT. Good easy money working with other women, what could go wrong.
Nothing!!! It was great after getting over my initial head talk of “what are you doing?” I was fine and they were right. Good, easy money and it was a lot like nursing. What ???? Yes I did say that. In nursing you have a patient for a shift, you meet, establish rapport and negotiate the day around what the patient requires in their care path. You negotiate showers, food intake, dressing changes and at the end of the day you go home and wish them a speedy recovery.
In escorting you meet your client – either in a RnT, brothel or on the phone – you establish some rapport, and you negotiate if you can meet the wants of your client. If you can, and you both agree to the terms, then you go ahead with a booking and if not you both move on.
And so my life as an escort began. RnT was great but… there was more money to be made and since I am an entrepreneurial type of woman, and enjoy sex I thought I would give it a try. So I waited until I met a client that I thought I would want to have sex with. And he arrived. It was an easy booking, he was lovely and it was all over and done with in the allocated time. He left and I calmly went about my work and about 10 minutes later – it dropped! OMG I just got paid to fuck someone!!! And I burst out laughing, it was so liberating. I did not feel bad or shameful. I felt fantastic – like I had opened the door on a part of myself that had been there my whole life and I had only just discovered. It was a massive Aha moment!!

And that was 4 years ago. I love working for myself. I work my hours – I don’t work at night unless I’m touring or people pre-book. I travel every year for 4 to 5 months overseas and I tour around when I am in Australia. It is the freest my life has ever been. I have wonderful clients, some are really regular and others I only see every so often. My business has changed a lot over the four year period – evolve or dissolve so they say.

I still do massage because I love it. I do more and more tantra these days as people come to understand the benefits that it has for their sexuality and their lifestyle. And I spend time with men and women in many variety of ways that are immensely fulfilling both sexually and for my soul. Yes I’m a an older woman, I’ve been around as I’ve mentioned. I’ve experienced a lot and explored a lot of this world and its people. Does that make me mature? Maybe. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.
I still hate adulting.