The purpose of life or life’s purpose?

As those of you know that have met me or have stalked my profile – I love to travel. In fact its my addiction. I work A LOT just so that I can travel. And as soon as I am about half way through a trip I am planning the next one. Not to say that I’m not enjoying the holiday that I am having, but certainly thoughts are in motion for the place that will become my next holiday destination.

And so whilst I was wandered the deserts and mountains in the northern hemisphere summer, my next project appeared. Yes, its a project, but actually its more of a purpose or a why.

“Those who have a ‘why’ to live, can bear with almost any ‘how’, Viktor E. Frankl said those words in “Mans search for meaning”.

Not to say that my life is anything like the concentration camps at all, but the idea that we as people need a why or a purpose is very accurate for me. And its an excellent book by the way – definitely worth a read. Each stage of life has different purposes. In my early years it was all about career. And then it changed to family and a feeling of being settled, a home, things and comforts and now it has changed again. It isn’t about things to make a home, where I am is my home. I have some nice things that I carry about but I don’t own much anymore, I sold most of my possessions 5 years ago. And its not about career – I am my career. Without me it doesn’t exist. There is no scaling the corporate ladder, not KPI’s to achieve that I don’t set myself. (there will be another post about this soon as its another whole topic in itself). The purpose of my life currently is to enjoy my everyday, and to relish the beauty of this planet. That’s my purpose, my why I get up each day. To travel and experience the people, places and animals that occupy this beautiful earth.

And this job that I have created makes that possible. Being Ruby makes that possible. I work my hours, I choose who I see and when and I spend about 5 months of the year not seeing anyone and going more and more remote each time I have a break. Less people, no technology except for maps (and depending where I am for eg Africa, technology doesn’t work anyway) and more nature and animals. So Africa is my next purpose. I have been before for a taster, to see what it would be like and it was so incredibly amazing, I have to go back. The motherland as some call it, where human kind began has a special place in my heart and so this time its 4×4 with a tent on the top. So now all I need to work out is how to cook dinner, shower and go to the toilet all without being eaten, and that right there is what makes my life worth living.

Holidays are here!! Look out summer, here I come.

As some of you know, my addiction is travel. I spend about 7 months of the year in Australia and the rest travelling about, reconnecting to myself, my loved ones and this big beautiful planet.

The time has come again and I wanted to thank everyone that I have spent time with this semester and look forward to seeing you again after the holidays, when I will be relaxed, refreshed and raring to go. My work is more than a job, its a lifestyle and you make it possible for me to live this way, so I truly thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I also wanted to thank the people who work in this industry, those that I engage with on social media, and those that I lurk in the background of your accounts, you really make such a difference to the work that I do each and everyday. Whether we have connection or not through written word, or via a group or just looking at your accounts, you give me the strength, the passion and the drive to continue each day as I know I am not alone. Its hard being a solo operator on many levels and having you at the end of my finger tips helps tremendously, so thank you.

Two weeks left until I go, but just getting organised. So for those I have yet to see – see you in the next two weeks and for those that I wont see til later in the year, see you then. Be safe and have a great winter in Australia.

All the best

Lots of love


Human Connection …..Its all about the communication

Whether we choose to communicate via social media, phone, text, or face to face – it can really be fraught with dangers. What is going on in our heads is not what is coming out of our mouths via writing or speaking. We all have our own filters, and we hear or read what another has said and then run it through our own filter – and this filter is flawed. It has holes, grooves, blocked holes, and rust patches. Its designed to protect us, to make us safe and yet sometimes it stops us from seeing the learning or the beauty in a situation.

I recently had an interaction with a client who phoned me when I was on tour. I don’t usually take phone calls and this was from a home phone number so I let it go to voicemail. When I checked the message it was from a man with a very slurred voice. Initially I thought he sounded disabled and so was willing to give him the benefit of the doubt but could not understand  Continue reading

So why do you do this job??? A friend asked me today and here’s my response.

Everyone in the world is different and so is every courtesan, escort, hooker, prostitute, hoe, call girl, whore, street walker, sex worker, pro….the list goes on. These names come from others and depend on peoples opinions of others who work in my industry. What we call ourselves is also subjective. I don’t mind being called an escort, a hooker a hoe but actually don’t like prostitute. Go figure

For many the idea of a sex worker et al is Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman. Street walking prostitute doing it tough, living ruled by a pimp, looking for a better life and a better job and along comes Prince Charming and bam…saved. Every little girls dream except the hooker part perhaps.

The industry is portrayed that way, drugs, low self esteem, poor education, no other options, bad relationships, mental health issues etc etc etc. And some of it is true and yet for some of us its not. I am just your average everyday person. I was married, had a family that have now grown, went to university, have two degrees, and have a massive addiction for Travel!! haha got you there.

I love travel. Working 9–5, 48 weeks a year is not my kind of life. Working for 6–8 months and travelling the rest is more my kind of lifestyle. Hopping from city to city when I’m in Australia visiting clients and being able to be flown out to meet someone remotely who is lonely — now that is what I call living. And it takes a risk taker to embrace this kind of lifestyle. I have no real belongings anymore. No car, no furniture etc. All those things have gone by the wayside as my lifestyle choice has become more and more free. And its liberating. Continue reading

BDSM & Kink – its all about the contracts and agreements

I met up with someone who works in the same industry yesterday. Because I work privately in a job that has certain social stigma it can get kinda lonely and so its nice sometimes to meet up with others and have chats about what we go through in the industry. Sometimes these catch ups are good, enlightening, funny even fun and other times they go south.

And yesterday was one such meeting.

It started out nice a few weeks ago, we met for coffee and a chat and seemed to hit it off. A few laughs, some sharing of information to help each other out when travelling about and we were on our way. We then both travelled to different cities and it was nice to chat on the phone at various times in the day to off load about clients, hotel rooms and scratchy towels, united in the experience of being on the road.

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So what is Tantra ?

Tantra has been around for about 6000 years through various religions and encompasses many different areas such as meditations and mantras. If you google tantra you will discover articles about sex positions, love making, and tantric sex to name a few.  Even “Sex and the City” had a foray into it when Charlotte invited the girls to a Tantric Sexuality demonstration back in 2013. But the type of tantra we see most these days is Western tantra or Neo tantra and was developed in the 1960’s. It utilizes much more of the sexual practice and combines it with spirituality and meditation to make it appealing to the masses.

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Sometimes clients are unsure of what service escorts provide and why we charge what we do. This is understandable, given that there is such a diversity between women, services and prices. However it can also be quite insulting when it is perceived that they are bargaining for a service because “oh but I think you are really good looking” etc. I’m sure we’ve all heard a few reasons why we should give a discount or a FREE service! And its just not OK.

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As you may know I was a nurse for many years before joining the escort world. The most amazing thing about my job was always my patients. Their diversity, their stories, their backgrounds, and what was happening for them that they crossed my path in my lifetime.
I have always felt that it was my privilege to meet them where ever they were at in the life cycle. I have nursed in the new life of a 22 week old baby and nursed out the end of life of a 102 year old Samoan deep sea pearl fisherman. Every experience has been my privilege.
And this job is no different.

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