Booking ahead v’s booking in the moment.

We all know that there is no controlling the libido – it wants what it wants. And it’s driven by varying circumstances such as sexual hunger, desire, loneliness, grief, drugs, alcohol, the list goes on.

But then why do some people plan out their intimate encounters, seeking out escorts who are touring to their city months in advance v’s the client that calls and says he is in your suburb and can come over now.

Touring escorts make a difference as its the small window of time and maybe the client doesn’t want to miss out on seeing us so will make an effort to schedule it. And then I think its the exotic, the different. They see us advertised on SB in the city we are in every day and just scroll on by to look at the new and exciting that are going to be here this week, this month etc.

I have experienced this from both sides of the fence. The three months in advance booking, deposit paid and booking confirmed because we will both be in the same city at the same time and then the guy who calls and tells me he is in my suburb and can come over now. Sometimes I can do those bookings, if i’m not busy and am organised but usually I need at least an hr to get myself together, tidy up, shower etc. And I may not even be home. Even though my profile says I am available on the day you are looking at, doesn’t mean I sit in my house waiting for you to call. I might be exercising, out having coffee, living my life or actually already with a client.

I like to book escorts too. My partner and I have a healthy sex life that includes having play friends over at times for a little added spice. We book ahead. We may feel like it on the day, but certainly not with an hrs notice. It is usually a week out as it needs to fit in with both of our schedules and we like to peruse the delights of SB and see who is around, what they are offering and when they are available. We do our research, and make contact when they would actually be likely to be available – we dont message at 3 am (I’m asleep then) to ask questions.

I guess neither is right or wrong but to me the last minute bookings make me feel rushed and anxious. I dont like feeling flustered before I see someone as I dont feel I am giving them my best me and so prefer to have notice. As I said I know the libido doesn’t work that way sometimes but for me anyway, more notice is best. And if it doesnt work out this time as its too short notice, then maybe consider making a time that works for both of us next time you have an hour or two spare.