Every Body is different

All bodies are different

I was a nurse before I started working in sex work so have been getting up close and personal with people of all shapes and sizes for many years now. This industry is no different. I often get asked by friends how I do it, being intimtate with people that I don’t know. What if they are ugly, what if they smell? Do I fake it, and do I have a good time? Do I just close my eyes and hope it’s over soon, or just think about they money?

If I only thought about the money, I couldn’t do this job. I get paid, and compared to some I get paid well but I also spend a decent portion of time dealing with people who try to waste my time and never actually make a booking. The industry isn’t about getting thousands of dollars an hour and buying Gucchi handbags for me. I love to travel and I live a simple life. I don’t buy many things and as a minimalist I have few possessions. It’s how I choose to live and when I travel I love to camp and be in nature. Money does not make the world go around for me. It helps to fund my why, which is travel, but its not my everything.

Sex work is a business like any other, and I’m self employed. I answer texts, phone calls, and emails, organise tours months in advance to all over Australia, all while negotiating times with people in the city I am in. I am my own social media person on five different platforms, and do all my own marketing and branding. And then there is the laundry…there is a lot haha. But there is also time between appointments, so I have side hustles. I help other people in start ups and small businesses discover where they would like to be and how to get there and this is a huge passion of mine. I am also very active, I work out and I meditate up to 3 times per day for clarity and my wellbeing. I keep myself busy.

It’s always been about the people. Nursing was and so is sex work. They are what make the job worthwhile. Would I do it for free? No. I value what I provide. Again it’s no different to being a nurse. I went to work and got paid. I didn’t do that for free either. And coming from a nursing background means that I have many things to offer my clients besides great boobs and a booty such as empathy, understanding, compassion, tenderness, and the boobs and booty help…

What people look like, what size they are, what nationality they are, if they are able bodied or not and what financial background they come from makes no difference to me. The most important thing is that people treat me with respect. It’s important they are polite, they ask and don’t assume, and they don’t think they have paid for my service so they can do what they like to me. It’s all about respect for another human being. I am letting another person into my private space, sometimes my home or a hotel room to spend time with me, to be intimate together. Respect is very important, my space, my things and me as another human being.

At the end of the day, people are people and they come in all shapes and sizes. They have bad attitudes and good. Some are grateful and some are entitled but at the end of the day we all came into this world and we are all going out, there is no avoiding that and on the journey to that place, my aim is to treat everyone the same, as an equal.