Sometimes clients are unsure of what service escorts provide and why we charge what we do. This is understandable, given that there is such a diversity between women, services and prices. However it can also be quite insulting when it is perceived that they are bargaining for a service because “oh but I think you are really good looking” etc. I’m sure we’ve all heard a few reasons why we should give a discount or a FREE service! And its just not OK.

Here’s a great analogy – a man I knew wanted to buy a large number of clothes in bulk in China and import them to Australia. He did his homework and knew exactly what he was looking for – material, buttons, zips, special details etc. And then he began searching out suppliers for his clothes.
His search lead him to a master tailor who had an amazing shop front with all of the things he was looking for, and so he produced the list of what he wanted.
The tailor looked over the list, gave the man a cup of tea while he worked out his costings and then produced his price.

But the man thought that the price was way too high and so he threatened to leave the tailors place – because that’s how we are trained to bargain isn’t it.
As he was leaving, he said “Look I want to buy a these items from you but you charge way too much!”
The tailor was a little taken aback but replied “Ok, how much do you think I should charge?”
The man replied “I think you should charge “X” amount, because the material will cost this much, and the zips and buttons will cost this much. I have even factored in the price of your time to make the garments”
The final price the man had calculated was a lot cheaper than the tailors original price, but he said “Ok, deal. You will order will be ready in a week”.
The man was very pleased with himself and couldn’t resist telling all his friends – me included, how he had negotiated an amazing deal with the tailor. He bragged about how smart he was to “get the price down” and how much money he was going to make on the resale of the items in Australia. He even rubbed his hands together!!

So a week later he went to collect his garments from the tailor to bring back to Australia. He arrived at the shop front and was welcomed inside by the tailor and his staff. A cup of tea was presented and the staff bought out an open box for the mans inspection. Inside it was the material, the zips, the buttons and the cotton.

Angrily he demanded “What is the meaning of this, how could you do this to me? I asked you for garments and you have presented me with a box of material, zips, buttons and cotton!”
The tailor quietly replied “My friend, you got exactly what you paid for, if you think that there is something missing, then you are absolutely right and you need to pay for it.”

Our clients need to understand this , when looking for a bespoke service they are not just buying the materials, they are buying the time, the skills, training, costs of business, overheads, love, passion and dedication that goes into providing such a service. And to have some respect for the people who are doing what they are doing for a living, to feed their families educate themselves and because they love their job.

If you’re making that special garment, carry on with what you are doing.
For the people who are watching others making the garment’ and think they can do better – go for it and carry on, as well….