Human Connection …..Its all about the communication

Whether we choose to communicate via social media, phone, text, or face to face – it can really be fraught with dangers. What is going on in our heads is not what is coming out of our mouths via writing or speaking. We all have our own filters, and we hear or read what another has said and then run it through our own filter – and this filter is flawed. It has holes, grooves, blocked holes, and rust patches. Its designed to protect us, to make us safe and yet sometimes it stops us from seeing the learning or the beauty in a situation.

I recently had an interaction with a client who phoned me when I was on tour. I don’t usually take phone calls and this was from a home phone number so I let it go to voicemail. When I checked the message it was from a man with a very slurred voice. Initially I thought he sounded disabled and so was willing to give him the benefit of the doubt but could not understand 

what he was saying. So I text him back and said that I had already left the city I was touring and could not understand what he was saying and asked him to text me. He called again a few days later and left a message and then I suggested that as I couldn’t understand him, perhaps he could get a friend to help him out. Now I know this is a sensitive and personal area when wanting to discuss an interaction with a sex worker but I was running out of options except to ignore him.

And then the phone rang again from the same number. So I answered, and he did get a “friend” to help out. She was able to talk about what “George” wanted to ask me and we came to an agreement. I wont be in his city until next year but we have organised a date for then. If we had just gone with the phone call option only I probably would never have seen “George” – it may still not happen because nothing is certain in this world, but at least we got past the initial issue surrounding communicating.