Erotic Relaxation & Tantra Services

Please understand cancelling after arrival for a booking means I lose out on the entire booking time, as such a 50% cancellation fee will be requested in the event of this happening.

Service Length A$ US$ GBP£
Sensual Touch 30 Min 150 108  82
Sensual Touch 45 Min 180 129 99
Sensual Touch 1 Hr 200 143 110
Tantra session 1 hr 300 215 165
Tantra session 1.5 hr 450 323 247
Tantra session 2 Hrs 550 395 302
Double goddess session 1.5 Hrs 600 430 329
Couples tantra session 2 Hrs 800 574 439

Do you need to relax and unwind, then why not book in for a sensual stress relief or tantra session. The power of physical touch is a medicine, we all crave it on some level. And I love nothing more than providing a rejuvenating treatment accompanied by beautiful moisturising oils to enhance your exotic relaxation. After meeting each other this way, we are then open to further explore all that make us the beautiful humans that we are.

Tantra is not a sexual service and does not include sex – it is a very sensual experience focusing on the subtleties of touch and slowing down. It is likened to meditation and often experiences are said to be better than sex as it doesn’t have the exhaustive feelings that can be associated with ejaculation.  A tantric massage involves slowing everything down and paying attention to the subtleties of touch that we have become so conditioned not to notice in our busy  worlds. A meditation breathing technique is used to help get you out of your head and down into your body. Its about paying attention to the feelings that you are experiencing, not what the brain is telling you that you are experiencing. And then its about building the sexual chemistry or energy. Often clients express feelings of floating after a session and this sensation can last for many days.


If you have not tried tantra before, what are you waiting for. I recommend 1.5 hrs for new people to take full advantage of the experience and allow yourself to fully immerse in it. And once you have experienced tantra for yourself, you can begin to incorporate it into your own private sensual experiences. It lengthens ejaculation time, giving attention to foreplay and subtle touch and heightening the sensations experienced in sexuality.

I was a nurse for many years and have always had an interest in the esoteric arts. I learnt tantra many years ago and have been practising and teaching it ever since. I also trained in Shamanic De-armouring & Quodoshka and can share these practices with you during our session – whether you are single or a couple.

Outcall in all states except Victoria, Australia is an extra A$25 to cover travel cost to your inner city hotel, no private addresses on first booking in any other states.

If you would like another girl to join us I can arrange that too. I do provide additional services. Please contact me for prices on these.

Please note:

I do not provide any natural service at all. I don’t do BBBJ or BBFS. Please observe good hygiene and do not present obviously under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

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