October 2019

I have been seeing Ruby everytime she comes to Canberra for about a year. She is a truly captivating woman, smart, sexy, and very funny. We have had dinner dates, breakfast dates and gone wandering about exploring the city. And behind closed doors she really knows how to make a man happy. Her body is to die for – long and lean with beautiful muscle tone. If you like great conversation, incredible sex appeal and feeling comfortable with someone all wrapped in one, then Ruby is definitely worth spending some time with. Ian (Canberra)

September 2019

I have had the pleasure of having two overnight bookings with Ruby this year. She is an incredible woman, intellegent, sexy and oh so sassy. From the first engagment in making the booking to meeting in person, it was smoothe and easy. We met at the restaurant of my choice and had a wonderful dinner with excellent conversation, we were almost the last to leave and then strolled back to my hotel room. Ruby is very discrete and dresses beautifully as you can see from the photos she posts. She is truly a stunning woman. Once in the room she is amazing, sensual and oh so sexy. But a gentleman never tells. Do yourself a favour and book an overnight. Next time I am having Ruby for Dinner & Breakfast!! B. (Melbourne)

January 2019

Ruby you are simply amazing next time I will stay longer your Tantric will ensure that You are a beautiful woman who holds their own A WOMAN AMONG WOMEN Kind Regards Jon Kelly (Sydney)

November 2018

I’ve been wanting to see Ruby for several months now and I finally got my chance when she toured Perth. Booking arrangements were a breeze and the date/time was easily set. Ruby doesn’t show her face in her adverts so it was a pleasant treat to finally put a face on the body. I like smart, nerdy but sexy looking ladies and I found Ruby looked a bit like a tall and curvy Tina Fey. Ruby was wearing a summer dress that fit her curves nicely with some very sexy lingerie underneath (I like this combination when meeting ladies… sort of a Jekyll and Hyde combination). We chatted for a few minutes then gradually started a bit of touching and kissing which lead to the unwrapping and discovery of the sexy undies. Ruby has pale skin and sexy curves. She very fit and energetic when the action starts (probably how she maintains her figure).We explored a few positions and Ruby seemed to get genuinely aroused and returned my kisses passionately. I won’t go into a lot of explicit details but will say that we had a very passionate and energetic 2 hours which seemed to fly by. I will definitely be seeing her again when she passes through Perth again (which will hopefully be soon).

October 2018

I left you with my brain happily bubbling in a well seasoned soup of neurotransmitters, much evidenced by the blissful exhaustion experienced later. Substantial metaphorical scratches were made, but I sense much mystery below the surface of Ms Wild. Hopefully I will be allowed to continue the exploration in the near future. L (BDSM client)

Review from Scarlet Blue October 2018

It is amazing to discover the places you can go and what you can achieve when you slow down, breathe deeply and quiet your mind. Ruby introduced me to tantra recently and it was a profound experience. Do yourself a favour and explore tantra. Dean (Brisbane)

Review from Scarlet Blue October 2018

Tantra has been something that has intrigued me since I read about it in a Sting interview many years ago, but never acted upon until now. Having met Ruby before and got along famously, imagine my delight to discover that not only is Ruby a published author on Tantra, but also offers it as one of her services.

The few hours we spent were enlightening, relaxing and invigorating. Never before have I experienced a massage and the pure sensation of touch like this. At times it was just really peaceful, while at other times the intensity built up in various parts of the body, even to the point of making my eyes water. Nothing negative about that at all, a new and very interesting experience that I intend to try to learn more from Ms Wild in future meetings.

Review from Scarlet Blue May 2018

Such a pleasure to finally meet Ruby after some time admiring her via social media.
The booking and screening process was handled professionally and the meet and greet at her incall (on tour) was very discrete.
Once up in the apartment Ruby quickly settled my nerves with engaging conversation, while building anticipation with her cheeky smile and gorgeous looks.
Our time together in the bedroom was quite amazing, where Ruby displayed some of her sensual and very sexy body massage technique. This soon led to much kissing and cuddling, and a series of very delightful events that I will recall fondly for a long time.
Thank you Ruby, until next time

April 2018

Thank you for your time this morning, the chat, sensual body ruby, your sexiness and letting your hair down for me. All highlights of my day! I look forward to seeing you again soon. E

April 2018

“You are an amazing and genuine women and that was amazing. I really had a great time and have every intention of trying to hook up with you again. Take care and hopefully see you soon. S”

Review quoted from Punter Planet:

“…Met by this quite tall, attractive dark haired lady in a simple black dress which left me in no doubt that her photos were spot on. … Ruby greeted me with a hug and a passionate kiss and we removed her bra and panties. This lady has a truly stunning figure as well as a warm personality which makes being with her relaxing and rewarding. … Rather than going in to detail, let me say that if your favorite positions are doggie or cowgirl, you will not see a better sight than the view in either case if you are with Ruby. She is a delight, a warm, sexy as lady who if treated with the respect she deserves will respond making sure you leave happy and fulfilled in every way. I am astonished that she has not been reviewed by others unless they are just trying to keep her a secret! … she is an absolute keeper! My resolution this year is easy – get back to Ruby W as often as possible!”