The Art of Talking Dirty

This however is not the norm. People have questions; they want to know what they get for their $$$ etc. I have a FAQ on my website for this very reason. And as part of my screening process I prefer to have a short chat with people on the phone. As an ex nurse, speaking with someone gives me an excellent indication of where the person is at and I can usually tell fairly quickly if the person is a true client or wasting my time. 

So fast forward to the phone chat. It was going well initially.  We established what Sam wanted in the booking and what I was ok with and then things started to head into murky waters. Sam started to repeat a certain request, and when I assured him that was okay with me, he repeated the request stating that he just had to be sure that I was okay with that.  This was when my spidey sensors kicked in. I have been working in the industry for 5 years now and before that I was a nurse and I’m also a mum so needless to say I have heard my fair share of stories. Sam wasn’t interested in booking me, he just wanted to chat on the phone about his scenario, he wanted my engagment and to waste my time. Shame on Sam. 

Unfortunately this does happen. Its part of the job and one of the reasons that many people in this industry do NOT chat on the phone.  I see the phone chat as a screening tool. We chat and it all works out great, we have a lovely quick chat and we meet up, or you are like Sam and we never meet. Whether this is done via phone or text is irrelevant – it still ends the same way. And talking on the phone saves my fingers from typing. The art of Talking dirty is sending a text or making a phone call, connecting on the phone about what you would like to experience, paying the deposit in the time frame indicated and then we meet and continue talking dirty to each other for the time that we are together. If you want to have some time to talk dirty, dont be like Sam. 


I do not like this Mr Sam, I do not like this type of scam, I do not like your needy ways, or how you attempt to waste my day, I do not like it when you try to steal, and even worse, negotiate a better deal,  I do not like your smug replies when I call you out on your lies. I do not like this type of hope, I do not like this Nope nope nope. I do not like Green Eggs and ham, I do not like them Sam the Man.