As you may know I was a nurse for many years before joining the escort world. The most amazing thing about my job was always my patients. Their diversity, their stories, their backgrounds, and what was happening for them that they crossed my path in my lifetime.
I have always felt that it was my privilege to meet them where ever they were at in the life cycle. I have nursed in the new life of a 22 week old baby and nursed out the end of life of a 102 year old Samoan deep sea pearl fisherman. Every experience has been my privilege.
And this job is no different.

I’m touring at the moment – this is my second tour in Canberra and I have just been blow away by the people I have met. Total strangers have offered to buy me groceries as they were seeing me as soon as I arrived here. Each morning my first clients have asked me if I would like them to bring me coffee. Its been so incredibly humbling the beauty in people, the connection that we as people share when we drop the bullshit and facade and just be with another person, where ever they are at. The stories that people have shared with me about lost loves, missing deceased partners, difficulties in relationships, their careers, caring for aged parents, fantasies, fetishes, the list goes on. And this is what makes us all human. The stories.

I love it all – and its my privilege to be a part of it for a short time. For me this is where nursing and escorting is the same. Its being able to build rapport with a person, talk about where they are at and have a connection for the time that we are together. Its not about me changing their lives or fixing things, but it is about taking the time to meet that persons needs will they are in my presence. its what makes this job so incredibly rewarding for me and something that I am very proud of.