The purpose of life or life’s purpose?

As those of you know that have met me or have stalked my profile – I love to travel. In fact its my addiction. I work A LOT just so that I can travel. And as soon as I am about half way through a trip I am planning the next one. Not to say that I’m not enjoying the holiday that I am having, but certainly thoughts are in motion for the place that will become my next holiday destination.

And so whilst I was wandered the deserts and mountains in the northern hemisphere summer, my next project appeared. Yes, its a project, but actually its more of a purpose or a why.

“Those who have a ‘why’ to live, can bear with almost any ‘how’, Viktor E. Frankl said those words in “Mans search for meaning”.

Not to say that my life is anything like the concentration camps at all, but the idea that we as people need a why or a purpose is very accurate for me. And its an excellent book by the way – definitely worth a read. Each stage of life has different purposes. In my early years it was all about career. And then it changed to family and a feeling of being settled, a home, things and comforts and now it has changed again. It isn’t about things to make a home, where I am is my home. I have some nice things that I carry about but I don’t own much anymore, I sold most of my possessions 5 years ago. And its not about career – I am my career. Without me it doesn’t exist. There is no scaling the corporate ladder, not KPI’s to achieve that I don’t set myself. (there will be another post about this soon as its another whole topic in itself). The purpose of my life currently is to enjoy my everyday, and to relish the beauty of this planet. That’s my purpose, my why I get up each day. To travel and experience the people, places and animals that occupy this beautiful earth.

And this job that I have created makes that possible. Being Ruby makes that possible. I work my hours, I choose who I see and when and I spend about 5 months of the year not seeing anyone and going more and more remote each time I have a break. Less people, no technology except for maps (and depending where I am for eg Africa, technology doesn’t work anyway) and more nature and animals. So Africa is my next purpose. I have been before for a taster, to see what it would be like and it was so incredibly amazing, I have to go back. The motherland as some call it, where human kind began has a special place in my heart and so this time its 4×4 with a tent on the top. So now all I need to work out is how to cook dinner, shower and go to the toilet all without being eaten, and that right there is what makes my life worth living.