To GFE or not to GFE that is the Question.

So what is a GFE? Well it means different things to different people. There is a show about it called “The Girlfriend Experience” and I would assume that when most people think about a girlfriend experience, they are picturing what happens between themselves and their girlfriends when they have them. And this is where the shades of grey happen. I often joke to clients that GFE means that you will ask me to have sex and I will tell you I have a headache! Hehe.

But seriously, without lists and tick and flick sheets who knows what is included in the service that any provider does.
I am not a natural oral provider – many are and I am not. Its a choice that I have made and although I provide GFE, I do not provide natural oral in that service or any of my services. When I state this to clients, some then ask if I include it in my PSE service. And again the answer is no.

My GFE service includes lots of kissing, touching, covered oral and very sensual and erotic sex. I love it to be slow and sensual but am adaptable, depending on what my client is looking for. Does that mean that I do or do not provide a GFE service. Yes it does in my book.
Compared to other ladies is that a GFE, well maybe not if you are looking for natural oral. But it actually comes down to good communication and this is up to the client.

Firstly know what you want. Be clear and concise in your request when booking the service you want.
Ask the questions to be sure you are getting what you want.
If you want BBBJ or natural oral and its not listed anywhere on the scarlet blue page or the website of the provider (it is listed on every page of my website) then ask.
And be proactive. Don’t state that you just want to have a good time. I am good but I don’t have a crystal ball to work out what a good time looks like to each and every one of you.

Book a GFE, let me know if you have some things that you would really like to be included and then come and visit and let things happen at there own pace. Often going with the flow makes for the best times and the best connections as there doesnt feel like there is a list next to the bed or what has to happen and when.
And ultimately, enjoy yourself. I want you to have an excellent time and come back and visit me again.