What can Tantra do for you?

It is amazing that in this day and age where communication is so easy and people can connect all over the world in an instant  that some people have not been held or touched by another person in years.

What does that say about our world and our so-called communities?

We all talk about rescuing refugees, but what about the people in our street, living behind closed doors, who may be connecting across the internet or in brief social interactions and yet the opportunity for the most nourishing and nurturing experience of simple, agenda-free touch is denied them.

Tantra is really about focusing on what happens in the space between you and another person. Observing the subtle magic and nurturing effect when the masculine holds his presence still for the feminine. Not doing anything, just being there. Being ‘present’. It is so simple to feel met. This is all it takes, and yet it blows peoples minds to discover they have never before been still enough to experience this.

Tantra is about coming back to ‘self’. Recognising that we spend so much time projecting onto others, our desire to please them, our desire to touch them, or hold them or excite them or ‘DO’ something. When we drop this projecting and instead centre into ourselves while breathing and standing quietly in front of another person, then our energy is able to connect in ways that we may never before have slowed down enough to experience.

This is Tantra as we know it in the West. What it can do for you is nourish, nurture and bring a sense of heart felt satisfaction

It’s not just about sex. It’s not excitement. It is a path to fulfilment, bliss and connection to others who long to feel that too. It is nourishing for the soul.

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